Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Made from fructose giving it a Glycaemic Index (GI) of 23
Naturally sweeter use 1/3 less
Kosher KLBD
Ideal for anyone on a GI based diet, Tate & Lyle Fruit Sugar is naturally sweeter than ordinary sugar and so you need less of it a third less in fact A third less also gives you the additional benefit of effortless calories reduction.

With Tate & Lyle Fruit Sugar there is much more to smile about.

To find out more please visit www.tasteandsmile.co.uk

Product of Isreal    Net Wt 250gm     $ 3.50

Monday, July 30, 2012


Old Fashioned Sauerkraut is made with only cabbage, water and salt. Fermented and cured with all natural enzymes intact, our sauerkraut has none of the harshness associated with vinegar products.
No Sugar, Vinegar or Preservatives!

  • Sauerkraut is fat free and low in calories. It is rich in Vitamin C and contains other important nutrients including iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin, fiber, and niacin.
  • Medical and health experts recommend eating several servings of cruciferous vegetables each week to reduce the risk of cancer of the colon. Sauerkraut, like cabbage, is cruciferous.
  • Sauerkraut is made from the crisp center leaves of the finest quality cabbages, which are shredded, salted and cured for several weeks in huge wooden vats.

  • Sauerkraut originated in China, where it is known as "kimchi", about 2,000 years ago, about the same time the Great Wall of China was being built. The laborers who built the Wall got their nourishment from rice and a type of cabbage pickled in wine.
    It wasn't until 1,000 years later that Genghis Khan plundered China and brought back the recipe for pickled cabbage, which his hordes then transported to Europe. The Germans (who gave it the name "sauerkraut") then learned to omit the wine in the recipe, replacing it with salt. Which gave us sauerkraut as we know it today.
    It wasn't long before sauerkraut became a staple for seafaring men. It kept well without refrigeration and the high levels of vitamin C found in sauerkraut helped keep the ships crew scurvy free. (The same was done with cucumbers). The famous ship captain, James Cook, once ordered 25,000 pounds of sauerkraut to outfit two ships.
    Today you can experience the great history of sauerkraut, which was brought to the US by German immigrants (who were once called Pennsylvania Dutch), by opening a jar of Bubbies Traditional Sauerkraut.

    The CURIOSITY Shop also carries Bubbies Kosher Dills, Dill Relish and Bread & Butter Chips.

    Product of Canada   Net Wt 25 fl oz     $ 7.35

    Friday, July 27, 2012


    Wasabi Mayonnaise with no preservatives. Use for a sandwich filling. Serve over lettuce, garnish with tomato and cucumber slices, as desired. Spoon over ripe avocado slices; drizzle with lemon juice, as desired. Mound on thin cucumber slices or spoon into endive leaves and serve as appetizers.

    Pure pressed soybean oil, water, whole eggs, apple cider vinegar, horseradish, dried egg yolks, salt, spices, lemon juice concentrate, food coloring, natural wasabi.

    Net Wt 12 fl oz         $ 3.25

    Thursday, July 26, 2012


    Maldon Sea Salt is a completely natural product without any artificial additives, retaining valuable sea water trace-elements such as magnesium and calcium. Its pronounced and distinctive "salty" taste means less salt is required, an advantage for those who wish to reduce their salt intake. It is free from the bitter aftertaste often associated with other salts and salt substitutes.

    This salt does not supply iodine, a necessary nutrient.

    Product of UK   Net Wt 8.5oz     $ 7.25

    smoked sea salt

    Using traditional smoking methods to gently cold smoke the salt crystals, ensures a truly exciting taste.
    Great on shellfish and meats, use in sauces, salsas, soups and marinades.

    Product of UK   Net Wt 125gm   $ 4.50

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Looking for a delicious iced tea that isn't to sweet?

    Organic  Black  Currant
    Refreshing  Black  Tea

    Organic  Black  Tea
    Energized  Black  Tea

    Organic  Peach
    Invigorating  Black  Tea

    Organic  Lemonade  &  Tea
    Juice  Drink

    Look no further than Harney & Sons Bottled Iced Teas.
    Only 5gm of Organic Cane Suger per Serving.
    And Only 40 Calories per Bottle.

    Net Wt 16 oz  Kosher   $ 1.80

    Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    These are all quality flags.  Super-poly material, canvas header with two brass gromets.

    United Kingdom:  2x3'  and  3x5'

    Flag of East Flanders:  3x5'

    Flag of Pirate Christopher Moody:  3x5'

    Flag of Germany with German Eagle:  3x5'

    Flag of Prussia (1701-1918):  3x5'

    Spanish Cross of Burgundy Flag:  3x5'

    Flags are in-stock and ready to purchase:  $ 10.00

    Monday, July 23, 2012


    Bisto is the United Kingdom's favourite gravy so we know how important it is to making your meal a success.  That's why their dedicated to helping you get gravy right every time.
    A Smooth Gravy . . .
    Bisto has a smooth texture so it's easier to mix, giving you perfect gravy to pour over all your favourite meals.
    So Easy  . . .
    Put 4 heaped 5ml spoons (4 heaped teaspoons) of Bisto Granules into a measuring jug.  Make up to 280ml (1/2 p[int) with boiling water, stirring all the time.  For extra thick gravy just add more granules.

    Suitable for Vegetarians.

    Product of UK.   Net Wt 170gm   $ 5.25

    Friday, July 20, 2012

    Acadian Louisiana  Flag
    Three silver fleurs de lis on a blue field represent the French origin of the Acadians. The fleurs de lis is a symbol of the kings of France.

    When the Acadians arrived in Louisiana, it was under Spanish rule. Since the Acadians prospered in Louisiana after years of exile, a portion of the flag pays homage to Spain with a gold tower on a red field representing the Old Arms of Castile, a prosperous European Spanish kingdom.

    The gold star on a white field represents "Our Lady of the Assumption", Patroness of the Acadians. When the first settlers departed France for the New World, the Virgin Mary was highly revered. It was a period of great devotion to the Virgin. The King of France, Louis XIII, declared Mary the Patronne de Royaume - "Patroness of the Kingdom" - and, on August 15, 1638, France and her colonies were consecrated to Mary under the title "Our Lady of the Assumption." In 1938, Pope Pius XI solemnly proclaimed "Our Lady of the Assumption" as the patroness of all Acadians - those in Canada as well as those in Louisiana and elsewhere.

    The star also symbolizes the active participation of the Acadians in the American Revolution as soldiers under Spanish Governor Galvez. Shortly after the arrival of the displaced Acadians in the Spanish territory of Louisiana, the American colonies started their struggle for independence. Spain decided to champion the cause of the 13 American colonies in their revolution against England. The Acadians chose to serve under Galvez, the Governor of Spanish Louisiana, and they actively participated in the battles of Manchac, Baton Rouge, Mobile and Pensacola, which were all very important and decisive victories that contributed to the successful conclusion of the American Revolution.

    Since the Acadians were citizens of Spain at the time of the American Revolution, their star could not appear on the first American flag. Thus, the gold star on the Louisiana Acadian Flag serves as a reminder of Louisiana's participation in the American Revolution and the significant contributions of the Louisiana Acadians during the struggle for the beginning of a new nation.

    Made in Tawain.   3' x 5' Poly w Gromets     $ 10.00

    Thomas J Arceneaux designed the Louisiana Acadian Flag to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Acadian exile into Louisiana and to remind us of other important influences on Acadians. Arceneaux, a native of Carencro, Louisiana, is a life-long supporter of English-French bilingual education in Louisiana Schools and was a charter member of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL). He is the former Dean of Agriculture (1941-1973) at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette and was one of the early leaders of the Louisiana French renaissance movement that revived interest and pride in the French-Acadian heritage.

    Jerk is a hot, spicy uniquely Jamaican seasoning which has been developed over centuries. There are also two schools of thought about the origins of jerk. The first credits the Arawaks, the original natives of Jamaica, with the authentic method of jerking.  The other credits the Maroons, the runaway slaves who lived in the rugged mountains of Jamaica, with originally applying the technique to wild boar in the seventeenth century.

    There is an infinite number of jerk seasoning recipes, some with an ingredients list a mile long. But all jerk seasoning mixes must have these three ingredients in order to taste authentic: Jamaica pepper (allspice), Scotch bonnet peppers, and thyme. 

    Jerking is actually a method of cooking highly spiced meat outdoors in Jamaica slowly over a pimento wood fire. It was a local option to salt curing which helped to prevent spoilage in the tropical heat. The liberal amounts of indigenous spices and peppers preserved meats and made them taste delicious when cooked over the open fire.
    You may use jerk seasoning to baste everything from tofu chunks to poultry, seafood, or red meat while roasting or barbecuing. It is especially good when you marinate chicken, roast pork, or thick slices of tofu overnight. Grill, roast, or broil the following day. Serve with additional sauce for dipping.


    Product of Jamaica.   Net Wt 10oz  (284gm)   $ 5.25

    Thursday, July 19, 2012

    Wholesome  Sweetners
    made with agave nector from the weber azul
    A low Glycemic Organic Sweetner
    Wholesome Sweetners' premium organic agave is a natural sweetner extracted from the heart of the agave plant.  Agava is a low glycemic inex sweetner, so it is slowly absorbed in the body preventing spikes in blood sugar.  It is 25% sweeter than sugar, so you need less, and it has been consumed by ancient civilizations for over 5000 years.  The sweet mild taste is perfect for sweetening beverages, baking, and as a multipurpose sweetner.  Use whereever you would use table sugar.

    Product of Mexico.  Net Wt 11.75oz(333gm)  $ 5.50 

    Agave nectar is a sweetener made from agave plants, which grow in deserts. Agave sweetener has syrupy texture and people use it in place of honey, corn syrup or sugar. People who like agave often consider it more natural and healthy than other sweeteners. However, some experts disagree about the pros and cons of agave nectar.


    The CURIOSITY Shop received a food shipment today!

    The following are now stocked and on the shelves:
    • Pistachios: Organic Roasted No Salt
    • Peanuts: Organic Dry Roasted No Salt
    • Almonds: Dry Roasted No Salt
    • Trail Mix
    • Sour Cream Organic
    • Half & Half Organic
    • Nut Thins: Almond
    • Nut Thins: Hint of Sea Salt
    • Nut Thins: Pecan
    • Blue Agava Sweetner Organic
    • Keiller Orange Marmalade
    • Keiller Ginger Preserves
    Ice Cold Beverages:
    • Izze Blackberry
    • Izze Blueberry
    • Izze Clementine
    • Izze Grapefruit
    • Reed's Original Ginger Brew
    • Virgils Cream Soda
    • Virgils Root Beer
    • Virgils Imported Root Beer

    Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    Original  Thai  Sauce
    Mae Ploy Sweet Chilli Sauce is always in stock at The CURIOSITY Shop.
    This delicious mild sweet chilli sauce is perfect for all ages.  It is an ideal dipping sauce with spring rolls, dim sims, fish cakes, nuggets and curry puff.  Serve as a condiment with BBQs, roast chicken, beef, lamb or pork.  Use as a spread in meat and salad rolls or as an ingredient for salad dressing.
    Ingredients:Sugar, water, pickled red chilli, vinegar, garlic, salt, stabilizer: Xanthan gum.
    No preservatives or colourants added.

    Product of Thailand.   Net Wt 32oz  (920gm)    $ 3.98

    Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    Leading pancake syrup brands in the US do not contain any pure maple syrup and rely on high fructose corn syrup as the primary sweetening ingredient.

    We would like to introduce you to
    Jakeman's Pure Maple Syrup
    Looking for a healthy sugar alternative? Look no further. Pure maple syrup from Canada can be used as a healthier substitute to sugar in a variety of desserts and baked goods, such as pies and cakes.
    To apply maple syrup as a white or brown sugar alternative, use a one-for-one substitution and reduce the quantity of liquid ingredients in the recipe (water, milk, juice) by about one-quarter of a cup. Maple syrup can also serve as a one-to-one substitute for liquid sweeteners, such as honey, molasses and corn syrup.
    This healthy sweetener is 100% natural, pure and free of any coloring or additives. Boiled down directly from tree sap, which is harvested from the maple tree towards the end of winter, pure maple syrup is an unprocessed, authentic product of nature. White sugar, for example, is typically derived from sugar cane, and processed and purified before being sold. Because maple syrup is not processed, it contains higher levels of potentially beneficial minerals, including calcium, potassium, sodium and copper, making it the best sugar alternative.
    In addition, maple syrup does not contain high fructose corn syrup, a modified sugar substitute commonly found in processed foods.

    Since 1876 the Jakeman family, now 4th generation, has produced fine maple syrup from Ontario's forests. This proud heritage continues today with the recent award "Best Tasting Maple Syrup in Canada" in a national blind taste test.

     Product of Canada.
    250ml 8.45 fl oz Canadas No 1 Medium  $ 12.50

    Monday, July 16, 2012


    Let The CURIOSITY Shop help you with your next Tea Party!

    When thinking about tea parties, do you find yourself overwhelmed with thoughts of the British gentry, scenes from Alice in Wonderland, Victorian decor, blue haired ladies and pinky fingers stuck up in the air? If so, you're both right and wrong. You're right because as the tradition of "Afternoon" Tea has developed over time, it has become an elegant affair. You're wrong because "High" Tea was often enjoyed by the British working class as their evening supper, with heartier fare than the tea sandwiches and scones that are now associated with tea parties.

    As the custom has evolved, tea time is usually scheduled from mid to late afternoon. It's a between meal snack that is a lot more elegant than a bag of chips from the vending machine. It needn't be extremely fussy, although the meal often includes savory, bite size sandwiches, scones or biscuits, and sweets (along with a good pot of tea, of course!) Both men and women enjoy afternoon tea in England, and it's often used as a function for entertaining business clients.

    An Afternoon Tea Party is suitable for many celebrations. When you'd like to host a party that isn't as involved as a dinner party, a tea party can be the answer. It's an ideal format for a bridal or baby shower, a retirement party, a birthday celebration, or time to catch up with good friends. The food is prepared before your guests arrive, and is either presented buffet style, or by passing plates of goodies at the table. The only thing you need to serve is the tea itself, leaving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy your guests. Your guest list can include dozens of people or only one good friend with whom you'd like to share an intimate conversation. It can be a very formal affair as you'll find at some of the more elegant hotels, or it can be as casual as a pot of tea and some cookies or buscuits.

    At The CURIOSITY Shop we can help you with all the requirements for a High Tea or a simple Afternoon Tea.  If you happen to find yourself in beautiful downtown Aiken in the afternoon you might want to drop by and sample our tea(s) with a biscuit or scone and enjoy the atmosphere.  Groups are always welcome.

    Never Barreled, Heated or Strained
    Contains pollen, propolis, and honeycomb.
    They never transport their bees to pollinate commercial fields.
    Really Raw Honey never spoils, it last indefinitely.
    Store in a cool plase.  To soften, place jar in warm water.
    Net Wt  1 Lb  (453gm)   $ 11.82 / each

    Really Raw Honey is a totally unprocessed whole food, that is never heated or strained, and contains all the pollen, propolis, vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals the bee's put into it. Creamy, smooth and spreadable, Really Raw Honey is more solid than liquid and each jar is capped with crunchy bits of honeycomb, pollen and propolis.

    Nature's Sweet Remedy
    Centuries of documentation have described honey's frequent use in soothing coughs, sore throats, burns, wounds and rashes; as an aid to digestion and allergies, as well as a natural source of energy.
    Cappings: Our Healthy Difference
    When you open the jar, you'll see the honey "cappings": crunchy bits of honeycomb, pollen and propolis in hues of brown, gold and amber. These nutrient-rich Crown Jewels of Really Raw Honey can be chewed just like gum.
    Delightful flavor
    We guarantee you'll love our award-winning flavor. Really Raw Honey can replace other sweeteners, and right from the spoon, it is a delicious way to help maintain health. Enjoy!
    Heavenly fragrance
    One whiff of our distinctive wildflower aroma reveals the living vitality in every jar of Really Raw Honey.
    Naturally diverse
    Our bees choose the honey's color and texture by the local varieties of wildflowers they forage. Enjoy our diversity!
    Nothing added...or taken away
    We never heat or strain Really Raw honey, giving you our smooth, dense texture and all the whole-food enzymes and other nutrients; a natural gift from the bees!
    Our bees rest in the winter!
    We never transport our bees to pollinate commercial crops, and we embrace traditional, local in-season-only, low-stress beekeeping methods that help keep our bees healthy.
    Holistic handling
    We never barrel our honey, and always pack each year's new crop by hand, straight from "hive to jar," as we have for over 30 years, in the USA.

    Friday, July 13, 2012


    Yes, The CURIOSITY Shop received a food shipment last night which includes these new items:
    • Amore Hot Pepper Paste
    • Brer Rabbit Blackstrap Molasses: All Natural - Unsulphured
    • Bigelow American Classic Tea
    • Braswell Merlot Wine Sauce
    • Bremner Plain Wafers
    And the following re-stocks:
    • Dr Oetker Creme Brulee Mix
    • Charleston Favorites Yellow Grits
    • Lemon Curd (Tiptree, Scott, Robertson)
    • Yorkshire Earl Grey Tea
    • Barr's Irn Bru
    • Sharwood Original Indian Puppudums
    • H P  Sauce
    • Heinz Bakes Beans (Vegetarian)
    • Nestle Aero Chocolate Bars (Plain & Mint)
    • Vernors Regular Ginger Soda

    Thursday, July 12, 2012


    The CURIOSITY Shop is your source for Leaf Teas:

    Black  Teas
    Earl Grey
    East Friesan
    English Breakfast
    Chamraj Estate
    Irish Breakfast
    Golden Monkey
    Kirkoswald Estate Orange Pekoe
    Monk's Blend
    Organic Orange Pekoe
    Scottish Breakfast
    Smokey Russian Caravan
    Vietnamese Orange Pekoe

    Bai Hao
    Formosa Fancy
    Jasmine Orchard
    Monkey Picked
    Orange Blossom
    Orachard Tung Ting
    Ti Kuan Yin

    Phoenix Pearls
    Dragon Well
    Lung Ching

    Ginger Orange Peach
    Golden Needle
    Pai Mu Tan
    Silver Needle
    White Wonder

    Andalusia Lemon
    Green Organic
    Pure Superior Organic

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Liz & Linda's  Pepper Jelly  $ 7.50 each

    Original Pepper Jelly

    Golden Pecan Pepper Jelly
    Red Hot Pepper Jelly

    Plum Perfect Pepper Jelly

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    The CURIOSITY Shop now hosts TEA PARTIES in the Dickens Cafe.
    If you or someone you know is seeking somewhere to host your TEA PARTY - look no more.
    We can host your TEA AFFAIR in the Dickens Cafe.  Everything you require is on hand and ready for your attendance.

    For more information please call 803 644 1400.