Monday, April 9, 2012

The Virtues of Lemon Curd

I am sorry to say that until we opened our store so many years ago, I had never paid attention to a heavenly thing called Lemon Curd (or any other curd for that matter). It didn't take long, though, for me to become its number one fan. Lemon curd is made from lemon juice, butter, eggs and sugar. Once prepared, it is the consistency of a custard or pudding so it may be spread.  It can be used in baking cakes, tarts, and cookies.  It is also a staple in the cafe where we serve scones with tea, but the best way to eat lemon curd in my estimation, is right out of the jar with a spoon. Tea time is good, but as a late night snack spread on a graham cracker, it can't be beat.

I prefer the tart versions which have a little less sugar. It's like eating a lemon drop without the bother of having to suck on the drop until it's gone. With lemon curd, the lemony goodness just melts on your tongue, waking every tastebud with a fresh citrus infusion; strong enough to trick you into thinking it's straight lemon, but much better because there is no puckery "Lemon Face" or salivary hyperdrive. Only the pure lemon pleasure.

At tea time, we like to pair the lemon curd with clotted cream, another delectible invention sure to set you back a few calories. When a small dab of each is dropped on a warm scone and eaten, time has been known to stand still. Simple joys like this with a cup of tea and a good friend make life perfect for just the time being.

We have stocked several brands and flavours of curd through the years. Check the website  for our current options. If you are in town, come by the cafe and give it a try. Katie is also debuting her Lemon Curd Cake this week. It is decorated with sanded lemon drops (also available by the ounce). Beautiful!